Third Post – #PornProtest

Today I participated in my very first demonstration.

Charlotte Rose has organised a protest against the new legislation banning a whole heap of kinky acts from online pornography.

I donned my warmest jumper (it has a naked lady on it) and headed off to Westminster. I had planned to take a lovely banner which I was sewing all day yesterday – but my sewing machine gave up halfway through and despite my hand-sewing efforts, it wasn’t finished in time.

Nevertheless, I had a fantastic time meeting people. Having my hands free meant I could take lots of lovely photos and meet some fabulous kinky folk.

There were speeches and then a mass face sitting accompanied by Monty Python’s Sit On My Face.

Face-sitting at Westminster.

Face-sitting at Westminster.

The first thing I noticed was how many members of the press there were. At the start of the protest the photographers outnumbered the demonstrators! Every time a pair of people engaged in face-sitting the photographers swarmed around the protesters. I loved listening in to the interviews and watching all the photographers trying to get the best possible shot.

It was so encouraging to see so many people gathered together to protest. I had a really positive time meeting new people and talking about sex, the law and one lengthy conversation about grammar! It wasn’t kinky – we just like good grammar.

Props must go to Zoe Bloom and Grayce Collis who dis-robed in the chilly December afternoon to protest with a little kinky fun – the cameras went nuts.

Grayce and Zoe braving the cold.

Grayce and Zoe braving the cold.

It was a pleasant day all round, very cold but the atmosphere was one of unity – of our will to fight the legislation – and diversity – of kink, sexuality, background and involvement with the porn industry.

For a first protest it was a really positive experience. After the recent die-in at Westfield White City and the subsequent arrests I was nervous about going. Protests can be scary. I remember when I had just graduated from university; the chaos that ensued during the demonstrations opposing the rise in student fees. Part of me wasn’t sure if I should go along, but I really wanted to go. I wanted be part of this and meet like-minded people and talk about how they feel about how these new laws. I experienced just that; I’m glad I went.

Our demonstration went quietly – maybe because the idea of dozens of people sitting on other people’s faces is amusing; something that shouldn’t be taken seriously.But the turnout was fantastic. There is a growing concern within the community that if these laws are passed without any opposition, the government will continue to pass stricter and stricter laws until personal sexual freedom is completely compromised.

The more we talk about these things, the less taboo they may seem. The more we contextualise kinky sex through frank discussion and proper sexual education for young people, the less scary these acts may seem to the outside eye. Keep discussing these new laws, contact your MP, sign the petition.

A huge thank you to Charlotte Rose for leading the protest and to everyone who came out to support the event.

My banner

My banner

See coverage from Channel 4, BBC and The Guardian here.

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