Criminal Behaviours: Female Ejaculation

Female ejaculation is the expulsion of fluid from the paraurethral gland before or during orgasm. That’s the official scientific description, you can read it on Wikipedia. Actually doing it feels a lot better than the sterile description offered online.

People have tried to make me squirt like it’s an achievement. It was something they wanted to do to me, rather than something I wanted. When they tried it felt too much like I wanted to piss and I couldn’t do it.

The first time I did squirt it was by accident. Sir was using his fingers inside me, giving me a good, hard fucking and suddenly he felt something wet hit his forearm. It took us both by surprise; we weren’t trying to make me squirt. I think that is why it happened – no performance anxiety. We quickly made making me squirt our new project.

I enjoy the release of it, and the mess it makes.

Courtney Trouble and Zahra Stardust c/o Trouble Films

Courtney Trouble and Zahra Stardust c/o Trouble Films

Courtney Trouble is a pornographer based in the USA. Her company, Trouble Films, produces queer and kinky porn starring fabulous performers who enjoy a lot of the acts on the UK porn ban.

“It is sexist and oppressive to allow male ejaculation in adult entertainment and ban female ejaculation and porn will continue to be an oppressive place  until these bans are lifted,” Trouble says.

“There is nothing categorically obscene about a woman – or any person – having an orgasm, or what lovers do with that orgasm.”

Men are still free to ejaculate however (and on whomever) they please. A huge amount of porn finishes with a man coming – usually on someone’s face – this is still legal.

Male ejaculate is often used to degrade or to show ownership of whomever is receiving the face full. It carries risk of sexually transmitted infection and frankly, it can sting if you get it in your eye. Female ejaculation doesn’t show dominance. It is largely overlooked by scientific testing so it is unknown if female ejaculate is a carrier of STIs. So little is known about it, it is a contentious issue whether it is actually real.

As for the eye stinging, I’ve yet to find out about that, my aim is pretty good.

“Female ejaculation is an orgasm, plain and simple. There wouldn’t be any mystery about it if science had treated the sexuality of women with any amount of dignity or respect,” Trouble adds.

Courtney Trouble

Courtney Trouble

Trouble Films have released a fantastic blog by Assistant Pornographer Kitty Stryker which addresses each of the banned acts and showcases a wealth of defiant films.

Trouble Films are still able to make and produce lots of lovely pornography in the US. Trouble aims to release a Banned in the UK DVD or film in the near future in support of her British peers.

“I would only surmise that if a similar ban passed in the USA, I would be jumping the gun to protest. I imagine my response would be more artistic and boisterous, like making a Banned in the USA live porn show and take it on tour. I’d have to take to the streets to protect my art and my rights to free speech.”

I would buy tickets to that show in a heartbeat.

Follow Courtney Trouble on twitter or check out her website here. For more information on Trouble Films click here.

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