Criminal Behaviours – Ban This Sick Filth

So I’m a little late to the party, but this totally merits blogging about:

There is a compilation of all recently banned acts available to enjoy. American producers Courtney Trouble and Kitty Stryker have joined forces with UK producer Pandora Blake to create Ban This Sick Filth; part-documentary, part sex tape response to the changes in UK law.

Think of it as a sexumentary.

“A compilation of films and interviews on porn censorship and its impact in the UK and USA, “Ban This Sick Filth!” is a political and sexual revolution.” – Ban This Sick Filth

DVD_wrap_templateI recently featured Courtney Trouble and Kitty Stryker in my blog on female ejaculation. Trouble mentioned this project in her interview and its fantastic to see it is now a reality. The project is available to either download or own on DVD.

Pandora Blake has also released this video blog, featured on the compilation, which outlines the changes in the law and how it affects her as a fetish porn producer in the UK. It is well worth a watch. A written account of her involvement in the project is also available here.

“This is the sort of resistance I like best: rebelling against censorship by deliberately distributing banned material, combined with fundraising and education about the issues.”– Pandora Blake


This response communicates how resilient, creative and eloquent producers in the porn industry are. These laws affect the kinky, queer and feminist film makers way more than the dreaded mainstream hardcore porn makers. It is great to see how we can argue our case for accessible, sex-positive porn, which embraces all niches in a safe sane and consensual way.

Ban This Sick Filth beautifully demonstrates how we can effectively communicate our point of view, as well as demonstrate how much fun these fully consensual acts can be.

Ban This Sick Filth is available to buy via this link.

Follow Courtney Trouble, Kitty Stryker and Pandora Blake on Twitter.

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