Tenth Post – Purple Prose launch event

Happy tenth post everybody! 

I’m really excited for next Friday. A book I have contributed to is having its launch party ahead of publication next year. 
Purple Prose: A UK Bisexuals Guide is a collection of writing about being bisexual in Britain. The book will feature writing on identifying as bisexual, dating, polyamory, being bisexual and of colour, being pansexual, genderqueer, trans and asexual. Lots of different facets of sexuality all in one publication. It’s a fabulous premise and I can’t wait to read the final product. Thorntree Press will be publishing the book in 2016. I’ve written a few passages, including one on my preferences for falling in love with women and being submissive to men. So thrilled to be included!

The crowd funding event is being held in central London and featuring readings by contributors – One of which is me! I am a heady mix of nervous and excited about this.

If you’re in London and fancy joining us for a celebration of bisexuality, literature and crowd funding please come along. Details are here.

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