Thirteenth Post – Coincidences

I’ve just finished The Game Changer: A Memoir of Disruptive Love by Franklin Veaux. 

The Game Changer

I will be writing another post once I’ve processed how much this book has influenced me to take stock of my experiences of polyamory in the future – but I wanted to express my amazement at a coincidence I did not realise until the penultimate page. 

Franklin mentions publishing a book with one of his partners Eve Rickert in the epilogue of The Game Changer – this rang a bell. 

I had previously met Eve at the launch event for Purple Prose, a book on bisexuality I have contributed to. Eve’s company, Thorntree Press, is publishing Purple Prose next year. 

After recognising Eve’s name I then flicked to the back pages to investigate further. It turns out Thorntree published this book and there is an announcement about Purple Prose in the final pages. 

A mention for Purple Prose

I didn’t realise I had met the author Franklin, briefly, at the Purple Prose launch. I didn’t make the connection until the end of this fantastic book. He and Eve run Thorntree together and I have therefore indirectly worked with them. The world is small, in the nicest way.

This is such a lovely coincidence. I received this book from a friend as a Christmas present. She works in a second hand book shop and often sends me care packages of erotica and kinky/poly writing as she is unable to sell “naughty things” in the shop. 

She was even present at the Purple Prose book launch and didn’t realise the significance of gifting me this book either. 

I really enjoyed reading Franklin’s story; it was like being confronted by some neuroses and struggles I’ve had about polyamory in the past, which was unsettling, but it gave me the inspiration to start thinking constructively about my self worth and how I can negotiate my needs in open relationships. 

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