Fifteenth Post – XConfessions in Berlin

Erotic filmmaker Erika Lust is showing a director’s cut of XConfessions tonight in Berlin. 

The event is hosted by the Berlin Film Society. The XConfessions series is inspired by online confessions posted by visitors to her website. This is the first time an event addressing explicit erotic films that explore the narrative of sex as cinematic creations has been held by the society. 


I was able to see XConfessions at London’s Raindance Film Festival in September. Watching a director’s cut of pornography in a public cinema space felt exciting and strange – we are so used to keeping our sex lives locked away in our bedrooms, confined to a computer (or smart phone) screen. 

Sharing this moment with strangers felt new and dangerous. An act of sexual expression which had nothing to do with any of us getting naked. A declaration that we watch pornography – it was significant that on the night I went, the majority of the audience were female. 
Despite a lot of questions I still get for being a woman interested in writing about pornography, it just shows women do watch porn!

Lust’s work looked incredible on the big screen – a testament to her artistic filmmaking as well as her bold approach to depicting female sexual agency and pleasure.
Due to high demand for the screening, which has now sold out, the Berlin Film Society is hosting an encore screening of XConfessions on Friday 12th February (Babylon Kino, 9:45pm). If you are in Berlin, go and experience this for yourself. Details here.

If you’re not in Berlin go to to see the full online versions of Lust’s work, featuring incredible performers and created by a nearly all female production team.

For more information on Erika Lust’s work in feminist pornography check out my recently published article in the International Business Times.

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