Sixteenth Post – Do You Find My Feet Suckable?

  Erika Lust makes erotic films. I am a huge fan of her work, her ethics and the way she is bringing beautiful, sex positive films to the public. 

The inclusion of her work at last years Raindance Film festival in London and such high demand for her work in Berlin that a second screening was organised signalled a positive step in how we not only consume pornography but how we acknowledge it as a healthy, commonplace sexual expression.

Last month Erika, and her company Lust Films suffered a set back in this development.

YouTube have removed a safe for work edit of Erika’s film Do You Find My Feet Suckable? and a subsequent response video by Erika from their website on the grounds that the nudity and sexual content is in violation of their guidelines.

Erika’s response video is full of nudity and sexual content – all taken from music videos and sexually explicit films still showing on YouTube. There were too many bums for me to process on a Thursday morning. Too many silicone breasts stuffed into tight tops to feel comfortable before coffee.

Do You Find My Feet Suckable? has no nudity whatsoever. There is some male torso action and a couple of lovely long legs but thats it. That is it.

The premise of the film is a male fantasy of approaching a woman in a library for her to ask him the eponymous question and then invite him to worship her feet when he answers in the affirmative.

The erotic film, which I have seen the SFW version and a cinematic cut (at Raindance) and loved both, uses subtle sexual tension and a strong, relatable narrative. It has been adjusted to remove the explicit content but the overall effect remains the same. It is incredibly sexy, sex positive and beautifully made.

Check out the edit, available on Vimeo here and the response video here and decide for yourselves. As yet, YouTube have yet to answer to any of Erika’s responses. 

Show your support for this unreasonable censorship of filmmaking by sharing as much as you can, publicly or privately with friends.

Follow Erika on Twitter @ErikaLust 

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