Eighteenth Post – Written in 2016

We are almost at the end of the year. I’ve collected together some pieces that I’ve written or contributed to that have defined my 2016.

Girls on Top: The Women Who Enjoy Working in Porn 

The International Business Times – 20th January

This article was published by The International Business Times in the wake of an interview with former porn star Sunny Leone on CNN-IBN. 

Leone deftly shot down interviewer Bhunpendra Chaubey’s sex shaming questions and received praise for her responses online. 

I had met and interviewed Erika Lust at Raindance Film Festival in September. To meet someone whose work I adore was a huge thrill. I was so excited to write up the interviews with Lust and UK porn producer and performer Vex Ashley for publication at the start of the year. Female produced porn is still a novelty so its incredibly important for us to see it spoken about in mainstream publications. 

Threesome Advice I Picked Up On 3nder

Girl On The Net – 11th June

3nder is now called Feeld, but thankfully it still exists. I loved writing this piece which offers advice on navigating the sexy waters of being a guest star in a threeway. Girl on the Net has published several of my guest blogs over the years and I’m so thankful for her support each time. I was pleasantly surprised to see this blog feature on her top ten blogs of the year. My ranking was, appropriately, number three. 

Purple Prose: A Guide to Bisexuality in Britain

Thorntree Press – 1st September

I offered a small contribution to this book back in 2015, attended the funding launch and read out my contribution on kinky sex, which categorically stated I was not a bisexual – oops. It was amazing to meet editor Kate Harrad, who had co-ordinated the submissions and drove the project, with support from Franklin and Eve at Thorntree Press.

The published book came out in September and sits proudly on my bookshelf. Thank you for letting my words exist on the same pages as some truly inspirational pieces. 

Porn Reviews 

Crash Pad Series – throughout 2016

 I’ve been writing these since early 2016 for Crash Pad. I absolutely love the range of performers and scenes featured in this work, but what really stands out is the Behind The Scenes videos which accompany every film. I would love for this to become a standard in the industry to shed more light on the performers, their attitudes to filming and how porn is created. The attention paid to safe sex practices is particularly important.

It has been a pleasure to write this year about people and subjects I’m extremely passionate about. I hope that 2017 bring seven more opportunities to share this passion.

One thing I’m definitely excited about for 2017 is my first visit to Eroticon! I’ve just submitted my writing to the Eroticon Anthology, a brand new publication to be released at the conference so hopefully next year’s recap will feature that little piece of smut. 

Happy new year to you all.

Jenny x

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