Ten Things I Took Home From Eroticon

Back on the train this afternoon, my suitcase is full of beautiful things that I have won or bought or been gifted this weekend. My notebook is full of scribbles and ideas and a huge to-do list. My brain is completely full of possible blog posts and hopes for pitches. I am bringing so much home with me from this incredible weekend. 

Here are ten things I wanted to discuss in more detail. I have really challenged myself to be specific – the first draft of this post read more like an absolutely filthy Christmas carol:

“Four dildos buzzing,
Three books for research,
Two sexy t-shirts,
And a silk bag with samples of luuuuuube!”

But no, that song is for another time. I have narrowed down the items which have made this weekend special for me. I have so many examples I could have picked, and written this post several times over, each just as exciting and meaningful but this is the list that comes to me while I’m on my train and unable to lay out and admire all the beautiful things in my suitcase to remind me of what I’ve gained.

Ten – A Black Knotted Collar from Kink Craft

Part of a Saturday afternoon session, I spent an hour with Andrew and Pixie learning how to make a gorgeous collar. Andrew and Pixie were really patient and explained the process of making the collar in clear steps. After a full-on morning taking in loads of information I needed to unwind a little. The session was soothing and just what I needed. I was very proud of the finished product and it looks very nice around my neck if I do say so myself.

Nine – A Conversation About Squirting

Sunday lunch was spent in the company of Kayla, Leonora and Coffee and Kink – my newly-found sisters in sass. We had a great discussion about sex, knowing your body and female ejaculation. It was one of the many conversations I has this weekend which made me appreciate how important it is to actually meet people who work in this industry and share your sex-positivity. 

Eight – A Copy of The Eroticon Anthology

I met Victoria Blisse who was an absolute heroine and attended the book stall all weekend. I wandered over clutching a cup of green tea and asked to set it down on her beautiful bookstall so I could pick up all the books I wanted to own. I scored a copy of How To Have Sex by Meg-John Barker and Justin Hancock and a printed copy of The Eroticon Anthology. I contributed a little personal essay to the book and it is such a thrill to see my name in print. 

Seven – The Gift of Multitasking

I treated myself to a Ruby Glow – a sex toy for the seated lady. Tabitha Rayne, who created the Ruby Glow is an erotica writer and explained how she would be torn between keeping writing and taking a break for a lovely wank. Frustrated by the lack of toys which could help her to both at the same time she decided to create her own! The Ruby Glow is designed for sitting on and riding, so means your hands can be free to keep writing. I love this idea so much and can’t wait to sit on my new purchase. 

Six – The Possibility Of Writing For Others

I attended some really helpful sessions on pitching and have made many lists of possible editors and companies who might be open to my writing something for them. All that I need to do is believe in myself, make the strongest pitch possible and hope for the best. And keep writing of course. 

Five – An Inspirational Mug

Girl on the Net‘s mug which tells me “No one does what you do quite like you” was a lovely gift in our Eroticon goody bags. It shall sit on my desk as a tiny porcelain cheerleader for my individuality, talent and the possibility that I can write about the things I want to write about because nobody else can do it like I can. Cue the theme from the James Bond movie Nobody Does It Better…

Four – Practical Tips

Innocent Lover Boy delivered a fantastic session on How To Maintain A Healthy Blog on Sunday which discussed possible obstacles to writing. We identified the things that could be excuses and we shared how best to overcome them. It was great to speak with other people and hear similarities in their experiences, but also the great diversity of solutions that we can draw on to get past the blank page. Really helpful to take away some tangible best practices advice to apply to my work. 

Three – A Community To Write With

We’ve created this meme because I wanted to stay connected to the people I have met, to champion their writing and receive support and feedback in return. Meeting the human beings behind the Twitter feed has been very significant and I want to devour so many blogs and books because I have met the people behind them who are trying their best and exploring fascinating subjects and sharing their words with the world. 

Two – A Statement Necklace

Along with the delicious Ruby Glow, I received a free golden bullet vibrator necklace from Tabitha called the Ro-Val by Rocks Off. I’m the sort of girl who plans her outfits in advance and my Saturday outfit really could have done with a statement necklace, something chunky on a long chain or cord. Alas there wasn’t anything suitable for such a prestigious and sexy event. But now, I have the perfect statement necklace for future ensembles! 

One – A Fire Lit Under My Arse

In my meet and greet blog post I wrote that one of the things I wanted to get out of Eroticon 2017 was “a fire lit under my arse”. Molly kindly picked up on this in one of her pre-Eroticon tweets. I wanted to be inspired and feel energised about writing, to gain lots of ideas for new pieces and to understand more about the sex writing industry. 

I am so happy to say that the fire is lit and it is burning bright. I’m on such a high after this weekend and I want to write all the things, all at once. So now I’m taking steps to write down every idea, every impulse and keep the embers glowing as much as I can. Sometimes there is kindling which comes from others. I hope to give them something in return – maybe a call to action to write up their ten favourite things from Eroticon? 

This weekend has been one of the most valuable experiences for my writing and I can’t wait to purchase my ticket for next year. A huge thank you to all the speakers, the amazing delegates and to Molly’s Daily Kiss, DomSigns and Girl On The Net for their fantastic organisation.

Happy Eroticon everybody!

3 thoughts on “Ten Things I Took Home From Eroticon

  1. I’ll be writing my post soon, but I love that one of the things you took away was our conversation. I’ve never had such an open conversation before and you’re right, it absolutely highlights the importance and meaning of an event like Eroticon. 🙂

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