Blog Dedication for @gazzaeuro: Naturism

This is a blog dedication to Gary Spence (@gazzaeuro) who became by 300th follower last month. 

Gary has requested a piece about naturism and naturists, a subject I know very little about. So like any good citizen of the internet I went googling. 

I found the British Naturism website through Gary’s Twitter bio, which was a helpful starting point. I considered writing about essential things to bring when going on a naturist event; suncream, insect repellent, clothes (incase a police officer asks you to dress), a copy of the Legal Guidance (downloadable from the BN website). I spent a while in the legal advice pages included in the website and enjoyed digging a little deeper about what the law says – a hobby of mine. I wondered if I could discuss this in my blog dedication. 

In the end I decided I wouldn’t offer any advice, this world is unknown to me, but I wanted to discuss how accessible and welcoming the British Naturism site felt to an outsider doing a bit of research.                                  

The British Naturism website gives a helpful guide to where you can go if you would like to explore naturism, and offers gentle encouragement about the benefits of going without clothes. There are event listings which range from exercise such as swimming and yoga to a silent disco. You can search by region to find something near you. There’s a surprising number of events all over the country. 

The sense of community and inclusion is palpable from the website. If I ever decided to become part of this scene I imagine I would be welcome. Feeling welcome in a community can determine your first experiences and perhaps how you continue to identify or find your people. 

I enjoyed my brief sojourn into naturism and if this is something you’re considering I would check out the British Naturism website for further guidance. 

Thank you for the inspiration Gary!

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