The Amorist Magazine

This is a blog dedication to @amorist_the, who became my 250th Twitter follower earlier this month. They asked for a blog to celebrate the release of their new magazine, The Amorist, so I was more than happy to download the free sample and offer a mini review in anticipation of the first issue hitting the shelves. 

The Amorist is a collection of erotic literature, art and articles. It is edited by Rowan Pelling, who I met briefly at Eroticon this year. Rowan sat on the Pitching Panel and offered some great advice on how to approach editors. 

The sample of The Amorist, available here, is gorgeous. A mix of illustrations and photographs adorn the pages, the overall feeling is of elegance. There are articles about iconic works of erotic literature such as a piece on Lady Chatterly’s Lover, features on the femmes fatales of the Special Operations Executives of WW2 and a column from a sexy writing favourite of mine, Girl on the Net, greeted me from the pages of this publication. 

My favourite article was by Isobel Williams on the subject of Japanese rope bondage. The piece describes an evening spent at a pub in London, in the presences of riggers and bunnies – or tops and bottoms – all is explained deftly in Williams’ article. I found my absolute favourite quote halfway through: “The fetish community as a whole may be regarded as the nerds of the sexual universe but they themselves dismiss Japanese rope bondage fans as the ultimate trainspotters.”

The Amorist is offering six issues for a mere £6, that’s £1 for a magazine filled with beautiful artwork and provocative reading. You can take advantage of this offer here, or pop down to your local WH Smith’s for a copy from today. 

Just imagine picking up a copy of this along with your Guardian…