Twenty-Second Post: Guest Blog for Kayla Lords

I’ve written a guest blog for Kayla Lord’s website about squirting. 

Kayla and I met at Eroticon and we ate lunch together which for me was a moment of secondary-school-sit-with-us-at-lunch-type acceptance. Except we talked about squirting. I was inspired to write this blog for her, which describes an experience I had some years ago. 

A huge thank you to Kayla for publishing this blog. You can follow her on Twitter or check out the rest of her website for some really hot reading. 

Read my post here.

Fourth Post – All About Me Enough About Me

My name is Jenny.

I’m a writer, journalist, erotica aficionado, girlfriend and submissive (not to the same person).

I live with my girlfriend. She loves me because I make impeccable macaroni and cheese. I love her because she does the washing up afterwards. She also edits my work – when I ask nicely.

There’s also Sir. He’s my Dominant. We get together every month or so to do bad things to each other.

If you want to know more about our situation read my guest blog on Girl On The Net.

My favourite drink is whiskey.

That’s all.


Second Post – Guest Blog on @girlonthenet

Girl on the Net has just published my second guest blog on her website. You can read it here.

It’s a fluffy piece on withdrawing consent in honour of the new porn laws released on the 1st December 2014. While the issue of giving/withdrawing consent is a tough one, this new law criminalises people make safe, sane and consensual kinky films as harshly as film-makers who force the same acts on unwilling participants.

BDSM is such an important part of my own sexual identity and this influences the pornography I enjoy (more to follow on that subject I’m sure). To consider that the government is now prohibiting work from the ethical, feminist and sex-positive studios I enjoy watching feels like shaming on such a higher level. It makes me deeply uncomfortable.

There is a petition you can sign, and a protest on the 12th December in London. If these laws affect your sexual enjoyment, speak out now, before legislation gets so prohibitive that you can’t enjoy play with a consenting partner in the privacy of your own home.

I’m going to go along to the protest – my first demonstration but one I believe so firmly in, I can’t let it pass me by.

I’ll let you know how it goes!