Seventeenth Post: Purple Prose: Bisexuality in Britain

Today Purple Prose: Bisexuality in Britain is published. 

I contributed a couple of passages to this book and attended the fundraising party last year to read these out loud. 

I backed the crowdfunding campaign and received my advance copy which I have loved browsing through. To read a collection of experiences and observations from bisexuals in the UK is really important. Within the book there is an amazing range of perspectives and I recommend this to anyone interested in learning about bisexuality or exploring their own sexuality.

Check out an early review from The Book Bag for more details.
It was great to be part of this project and to meet Katy Harrad, the editor, who has worked incredibly hard to bring this representation of British bisexuality to print. I also met some of the contributors, the chapter editors and Eve Rickert and Franklin Veaux, who own publishing company Thortree Press.

Their collection of published work is fabulous and I’ve had the pleasure of unexpectedly reading Frankin’s own book, The Game Changer.

Please check out Purple Prose (print and kindle versions are available) on Amazon or via publisher Thorntree Press’ website.

Fourteenth Post – Written in The International Business Times

Last month I wrote an article for The International Business Times featuring erotic filmmakers Erika Lust and Vex Ashley. 

The article was published at a time when Bollywood actress and former porn star Sunny Leone was praised in social media for her grace under the pressure of a sex-shaming interviewer. A positive moment for women in the porn industry but highlights how far we have yet to go.

Read the full article here.