Ten Things I Took Home From Eroticon

I have just spent the most exciting weekend in London, at Eroticon. I have met some incredible people and scribbled down some really thrilling ideas for posts, pitches and articles.

At post-Eroticon drinks I began chatting with the other writers about my weekend. I thought about the books I had purchased, the swag that I had won, the business cards I had gathered together. I am bringing so many wonderful things away from this weekend.

I decided that I should create a meme and invite others to contribute to this.

We are all riding the high of being amongst the most inspiring, encouraging and sassy people. We all might have great ideas for posts or may be dreading the blank page in front of us. So to ease you all in, I invite you to create a listicle about the top ten things you brought home from Eroticon.

These things could be purchases you have treated yourself to, friends you have made or maybe, for some lucky individuals, the marks you have on your skin after a demonstration or two.

Get writing your lists and post them through this linking tool – it’s my first attempt at a meme so if there is something amiss please let me know!