Written Elsewhere

Contributions to books (physical and ebook):

The Eroticon Anthology – 4th March 2017

Paperback and ebook available

Purple Prose:  A Guide To Bisexuality in Britain1st September 2016

Paperback and ebook available.

Articles written for publications:

For Vice Magazine:

Your Sexts Could Be Criminal – 14th March 2017
For The International Business Times:

Girls on Top: The Women Who Enjoy Working in Porn – 20th January 2016

For The Independent:

The Problem With Mainstream Porn – 21st April 2015.

Articles written for my fellow sex bloggers:

For Girl on the Net:

Threesome Advice I Picked Up On 3nder – 11th June 2016

Withdrawal Symptoms – How To Withdraw Your Consent – 9th December 2014

Someone Else’s Story: Open Relationships and Kink – 25th July 2014.

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